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    vfs: merge .d_select_inode() into .d_real() · 2d902671
    Miklos Szeredi authored
    The two methods essentially do the same: find the real dentry/inode
    belonging to an overlay dentry.  The difference is in the usage:
    vfs_open() uses ->d_select_inode() and expects the function to perform
    copy-up if necessary based on the open flags argument.
    file_dentry() uses ->d_real() passing in the overlay dentry as well as the
    underlying inode.
    vfs_rename() uses ->d_select_inode() but passes zero flags.  ->d_real()
    with a zero inode would have worked just as well here.
    This patch merges the functionality of ->d_select_inode() into ->d_real()
    by adding an 'open_flags' argument to the latter.
    [Al Viro] Make the signature of d_real() match that of ->d_real() again.
    And constify the inode argument, while we are at it.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMiklos Szeredi <mszeredi@redhat.com>
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