Commit 2b8b328b authored by Jason Wang's avatar Jason Wang Committed by David S. Miller

vhost_net: handle polling errors when setting backend

Currently, the polling errors were ignored, which can lead following issues:

- vhost remove itself unconditionally from waitqueue when stopping the poll,
  this may crash the kernel since the previous attempt of starting may fail to
  add itself to the waitqueue
- userspace may think the backend were successfully set even when the polling

Solve this by:

- check poll->wqh before trying to remove from waitqueue
- report polling errors in vhost_poll_start(), tx_poll_start(), the return value
  will be checked and returned when userspace want to set the backend

After this fix, there still could be a polling failure after backend is set, it
will addressed by the next patch.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Wang <>
Acked-by: default avatarMichael S. Tsirkin <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 692a998b
......@@ -165,12 +165,16 @@ static void tx_poll_stop(struct vhost_net *net)
/* Caller must have TX VQ lock */
static void tx_poll_start(struct vhost_net *net, struct socket *sock)
static int tx_poll_start(struct vhost_net *net, struct socket *sock)
int ret;
if (unlikely(net->tx_poll_state != VHOST_NET_POLL_STOPPED))
vhost_poll_start(net->poll + VHOST_NET_VQ_TX, sock->file);
net->tx_poll_state = VHOST_NET_POLL_STARTED;
return 0;
ret = vhost_poll_start(net->poll + VHOST_NET_VQ_TX, sock->file);
if (!ret)
net->tx_poll_state = VHOST_NET_POLL_STARTED;
return ret;
/* In case of DMA done not in order in lower device driver for some reason.
......@@ -642,20 +646,23 @@ static void vhost_net_disable_vq(struct vhost_net *n,
vhost_poll_stop(n->poll + VHOST_NET_VQ_RX);
static void vhost_net_enable_vq(struct vhost_net *n,
static int vhost_net_enable_vq(struct vhost_net *n,
struct vhost_virtqueue *vq)
struct socket *sock;
int ret;
sock = rcu_dereference_protected(vq->private_data,
if (!sock)
return 0;
if (vq == n->vqs + VHOST_NET_VQ_TX) {
n->tx_poll_state = VHOST_NET_POLL_STOPPED;
tx_poll_start(n, sock);
ret = tx_poll_start(n, sock);
} else
vhost_poll_start(n->poll + VHOST_NET_VQ_RX, sock->file);
ret = vhost_poll_start(n->poll + VHOST_NET_VQ_RX, sock->file);
return ret;
static struct socket *vhost_net_stop_vq(struct vhost_net *n,
......@@ -833,7 +840,9 @@ static long vhost_net_set_backend(struct vhost_net *n, unsigned index, int fd)
r = vhost_init_used(vq);
if (r)
goto err_used;
vhost_net_enable_vq(n, vq);
r = vhost_net_enable_vq(n, vq);
if (r)
goto err_used;
oldubufs = vq->ubufs;
vq->ubufs = ubufs;
......@@ -77,26 +77,38 @@ void vhost_poll_init(struct vhost_poll *poll, vhost_work_fn_t fn,
init_poll_funcptr(&poll->table, vhost_poll_func);
poll->mask = mask;
poll->dev = dev;
poll->wqh = NULL;
vhost_work_init(&poll->work, fn);
/* Start polling a file. We add ourselves to file's wait queue. The caller must
* keep a reference to a file until after vhost_poll_stop is called. */
void vhost_poll_start(struct vhost_poll *poll, struct file *file)
int vhost_poll_start(struct vhost_poll *poll, struct file *file)
unsigned long mask;
int ret = 0;
mask = file->f_op->poll(file, &poll->table);
if (mask)
vhost_poll_wakeup(&poll->wait, 0, 0, (void *)mask);
if (mask & POLLERR) {
if (poll->wqh)
remove_wait_queue(poll->wqh, &poll->wait);
ret = -EINVAL;
return ret;
/* Stop polling a file. After this function returns, it becomes safe to drop the
* file reference. You must also flush afterwards. */
void vhost_poll_stop(struct vhost_poll *poll)
remove_wait_queue(poll->wqh, &poll->wait);
if (poll->wqh) {
remove_wait_queue(poll->wqh, &poll->wait);
poll->wqh = NULL;
static bool vhost_work_seq_done(struct vhost_dev *dev, struct vhost_work *work,
......@@ -792,7 +804,7 @@ long vhost_vring_ioctl(struct vhost_dev *d, int ioctl, void __user *argp)
if (pollstart && vq->handle_kick)
vhost_poll_start(&vq->poll, vq->kick);
r = vhost_poll_start(&vq->poll, vq->kick);
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ void vhost_work_queue(struct vhost_dev *dev, struct vhost_work *work);
void vhost_poll_init(struct vhost_poll *poll, vhost_work_fn_t fn,
unsigned long mask, struct vhost_dev *dev);
void vhost_poll_start(struct vhost_poll *poll, struct file *file);
int vhost_poll_start(struct vhost_poll *poll, struct file *file);
void vhost_poll_stop(struct vhost_poll *poll);
void vhost_poll_flush(struct vhost_poll *poll);
void vhost_poll_queue(struct vhost_poll *poll);
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