Commit 2e4a263c authored by Daniel Mack's avatar Daniel Mack Committed by Takashi Iwai

ALSA: snd-usb: fix cross-interface streaming devices

Commit 68e67f40 ("ALSA: snd-usb: move calls to usb_set_interface")
saved us some unnecessary calls to snd_usb_set_interface() but ignored
the fact that there is at least one device out there which operates on
two endpoint in different interfaces simultaniously.

Take care for this by catching the case where data and sync endpoints
are located on different interfaces and calling snd_usb_set_interface()
between the start of the two endpoints.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Mack <>
Reported-by: default avatarRobert M. Albrecht <>
Cc: [v3.5+]
Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent 245baf98
......@@ -236,6 +236,21 @@ static int start_endpoints(struct snd_usb_substream *subs, int can_sleep)
!test_and_set_bit(SUBSTREAM_FLAG_SYNC_EP_STARTED, &subs->flags)) {
struct snd_usb_endpoint *ep = subs->sync_endpoint;
if (subs->data_endpoint->iface != subs->sync_endpoint->iface ||
subs->data_endpoint->alt_idx != subs->sync_endpoint->alt_idx) {
err = usb_set_interface(subs->dev,
if (err < 0) {
"%d:%d:%d: cannot set interface (%d)\n",
subs->sync_endpoint->alt_idx, err);
return -EIO;
snd_printdd(KERN_DEBUG "Starting sync EP @%p\n", ep);
ep->sync_slave = subs->data_endpoint;
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