Commit aa7b2b2e authored by Zhao Yakui's avatar Zhao Yakui Committed by Len Brown

ACPI: Don't treat generic error as ACPI error code in acpi memory hotplug driver

Don't treat the generic error as ACPI error code. Otherwise when the generic
code is returned, it will complain the following warning messag:
   >ACPI Exception (acpi_memhotplug-0171): UNKNOWN_STATUS_CODE,
		Cannot get acpi bus device [20080609]
   >ACPI: Cannot find driver data
   > ACPI Error (utglobal-0127): Unknown exception code: 0xFFFFFFED [20080609]
   > Pid: 85, comm: kacpi_notify Not tainted #1
     Call Trace:
     [<ffffffff8020da29>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x41/0x58
     [<ffffffff8049a3da>] dump_stack+0x69/0x6f

At the same time when the generic error code is returned, the ACPI_EXCEPTION
is replaced by the printk.
Signed-off-by: default avatarZhao Yakui <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <>
parent ed680c4a
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@
#undef PREFIX
#define PREFIX "ACPI:memory_hp:"
MODULE_AUTHOR("Naveen B S <>");
MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Hotplug Mem Driver");
......@@ -153,6 +156,7 @@ acpi_memory_get_device(acpi_handle handle,
acpi_handle phandle;
struct acpi_device *device = NULL;
struct acpi_device *pdevice = NULL;
int result;
if (!acpi_bus_get_device(handle, &device) && device)
......@@ -165,9 +169,9 @@ acpi_memory_get_device(acpi_handle handle,
/* Get the parent device */
status = acpi_bus_get_device(phandle, &pdevice);
if (ACPI_FAILURE(status)) {
ACPI_EXCEPTION((AE_INFO, status, "Cannot get acpi bus device"));
result = acpi_bus_get_device(phandle, &pdevice);
if (result) {
printk(KERN_WARNING PREFIX "Cannot get acpi bus device");
return -EINVAL;
......@@ -175,9 +179,9 @@ acpi_memory_get_device(acpi_handle handle,
* Now add the notified device. This creates the acpi_device
* and invokes .add function
status = acpi_bus_add(&device, pdevice, handle, ACPI_BUS_TYPE_DEVICE);
if (ACPI_FAILURE(status)) {
ACPI_EXCEPTION((AE_INFO, status, "Cannot add acpi bus"));
result = acpi_bus_add(&device, pdevice, handle, ACPI_BUS_TYPE_DEVICE);
if (result) {
printk(KERN_WARNING PREFIX "Cannot add acpi bus");
return -EINVAL;
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