Commit c91d9075 authored by Borislav Petkov's avatar Borislav Petkov

EDAC, I3000: Orphan driver

Apparently there's no hw left at Intel for testing patches and Jason is
not going to maintain it anymore.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBorislav Petkov <>
parent f47ae798
......@@ -3654,6 +3654,10 @@ S: Obere Heerbergstrasse 17
S: 97078 Wuerzburg
S: Germany
N: Jason Uhlenkott
D: I3000 EDAC driver
N: Greg Ungerer
D: uClinux kernel hacker
......@@ -4454,9 +4454,8 @@ S: Maintained
F: drivers/edac/i82443bxgx_edac.c
M: Jason Uhlenkott <>
S: Maintained
S: Orphan
F: drivers/edac/i3000_edac.c
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