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    Merge tag 'pci-v4.14-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci · 0d519f2d
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull PCI updates from Bjorn Helgaas:
     - add enhanced Downstream Port Containment support, which prints more
       details about Root Port Programmed I/O errors (Dongdong Liu)
     - add Layerscape ls1088a and ls2088a support (Hou Zhiqiang)
     - add MediaTek MT2712 and MT7622 support (Ryder Lee)
     - add MediaTek MT2712 and MT7622 MSI support (Honghui Zhang)
     - add Qualcom IPQ8074 support (Varadarajan Narayanan)
     - add R-Car r8a7743/5 device tree support (Biju Das)
     - add Rockchip per-lane PHY support for better power management (Shawn
     - fix IRQ mapping for hot-added devices by replacing the
       pci_fixup_irqs() boot-time design with a host bridge hook called at
       probe-time (Lorenzo Pieralisi, Matthew Minter)
     - fix race when enabling two devices that results in upstream bridge
       not being enabled correctly (Srinath Mannam)
     - fix pciehp power fault infinite loop (Keith Busch)
     - fix SHPC bridge MSI hotplug events by enabling bus mastering
       (Aleksandr Bezzubikov)
     - fix a VFIO issue by correcting PCIe capability sizes (Alex
     - fix an INTD issue on Xilinx and possibly other drivers by unifying
       INTx IRQ domain support (Paul Burton)
     - avoid IOMMU stalls by marking AMD Stoney GPU ATS as broken (Joerg
     - allow APM X-Gene device assignment to guests by adding an ACS quirk
       (Feng Kan)
     - fix driver crashes by disabling Extended Tags on Broadcom HT2100
       (Extended Tags support is required for PCIe Receivers but not
       Requesters, and we now enable them by default when Requesters support
       them) (Sinan Kaya)
     - fix MSIs for devices that use phantom RIDs for DMA by assuming MSIs
       use the real Requester ID (not a phantom RID) (Robin Murphy)
     - prevent assignment of Intel VMD children to guests (which may be
       supported eventually, but isn't yet) by not associating an IOMMU with
       them (Jon Derrick)
     - fix Intel VMD suspend/resume by releasing IRQs on suspend (Scott
     - fix a Function-Level Reset issue with Intel 750 NVMe by waiting
       longer (up to 60sec instead of 1sec) for device to become ready
       (Sinan Kaya)
     - fix a Function-Level Reset issue on iProc Stingray by working around
       hardware defects in the CRS implementation (Oza Pawandeep)
     - fix an issue with Intel NVMe P3700 after an iProc reset by adding a
       delay during shutdown (Oza Pawandeep)
     - fix a Microsoft Hyper-V lockdep issue by polling instead of blocking
       in compose_msi_msg() (Stephen Hemminger)
     - fix a wireless LAN driver timeout by clearing DesignWare MSI
       interrupt status after it is handled, not before (Faiz Abbas)
     - fix DesignWare ATU enable checking (Jisheng Zhang)
     - reduce Layerscape dependencies on the bootloader by doing more
       initialization in the driver (Hou Zhiqiang)
     - improve Intel VMD performance allowing allocation of more IRQ vectors
       than present CPUs (Keith Busch)
     - improve endpoint framework support for initial DMA mask, different
       BAR sizes, configurable page sizes, MSI, test driver, etc (Kishon
       Vijay Abraham I, Stan Drozd)
     - rework CRS support to add periodic messages while we poll during
       enumeration and after Function-Level Reset and prepare for possible
       other uses of CRS (Sinan Kaya)
     - clean up Root Port AER handling by removing unnecessary code and
       moving error handler methods to struct pcie_port_service_driver
       (Christoph Hellwig)
     - clean up error handling paths in various drivers (Bjorn Andersson,
       Fabio Estevam, Gustavo A. R. Silva, Harunobu Kurokawa, Jeffy Chen,
       Lorenzo Pieralisi, Sergei Shtylyov)
     - clean up SR-IOV resource handling by disabling VF decoding before
       updating the corresponding resource structs (Gavin Shan)
     - clean up DesignWare-based drivers by unifying quirks to update Class
       Code and Interrupt Pin and related handling of write-protected
       registers (Hou Zhiqiang)
     - clean up by adding empty generic pcibios_align_resource() and
       pcibios_fixup_bus() and removing empty arch-specific implementations
       (Palmer Dabbelt)
     - request exclusive reset control for several drivers to allow cleanup
       elsewhere (Philipp Zabel)
     - constify various structures (Arvind Yadav, Bhumika Goyal)
     - convert from full_name() to %pOF (Rob Herring)
     - remove unused variables from iProc, HiSi, Altera, Keystone (Shawn
    * tag 'pci-v4.14-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci: (170 commits)
      PCI: xgene: Clean up whitespace
      PCI: xgene: Define XGENE_PCI_EXP_CAP and use generic PCI_EXP_RTCTL offset
      PCI: xgene: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: xilinx-nwl: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: rockchip: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: altera: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: spear13xx: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: artpec6: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: armada8k: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: dra7xx: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: exynos: Fix platform_get_irq() error handling
      PCI: iproc: Clean up whitespace
      PCI: iproc: Rename PCI_EXP_CAP to IPROC_PCI_EXP_CAP
      PCI: iproc: Add 500ms delay during device shutdown
      PCI: Fix typos and whitespace errors
      PCI: Remove unused "res" variable from pci_resource_io()
      PCI: Correct kernel-doc of pci_vpd_srdt_size(), pci_vpd_srdt_tag()
      PCI/AER: Reformat AER register definitions
      iommu/vt-d: Prevent VMD child devices from being remapping targets
      x86/PCI: Use is_vmd() rather than relying on the domain number