Commit 753c09b5 authored by Julien Grall's avatar Julien Grall Committed by Juergen Gross

xen/privcmd: Support correctly 64KB page granularity when mapping memory

Commit 5995a68a "xen/privcmd: Add support for Linux 64KB page granularity" did
not go far enough to support 64KB in mmap_batch_fn.

The variable 'nr' is the number of 4KB chunk to map. However, when Linux
is using 64KB page granularity the array of pages (vma->vm_private_data)
contain one page per 64KB. Fix it by incrementing st->index correctly.

Furthermore, st->va is not correctly incremented as PAGE_SIZE !=

Fixes: 5995a68a ("xen/privcmd: Add support for Linux 64KB page granularity")
Reported-by: default avatarFeng Kan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJulien Grall <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBoris Ostrovsky <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJuergen Gross <>
parent c71e6d80
......@@ -362,8 +362,8 @@ static int mmap_batch_fn(void *data, int nr, void *state)
st->global_error = 1;
st->va += PAGE_SIZE * nr;
st->index += nr;
st->va += XEN_PAGE_SIZE * nr;
st->index += nr / XEN_PFN_PER_PAGE;
return 0;
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