Commit c043ec1c authored by Martin Kelly's avatar Martin Kelly Committed by Jonathan Cameron

iio:buffer: make length types match kfifo types

Currently, we use int for buffer length and bytes_per_datum. However,
kfifo uses unsigned int for length and size_t for element size. We need
to make sure these matches or we will have bugs related to overflow (in
the range between INT_MAX and UINT_MAX for length, for example).

In addition, set_bytes_per_datum uses size_t while bytes_per_datum is an
int, which would cause bugs for large values of bytes_per_datum.

Change buffer length to use unsigned int and bytes_per_datum to use
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Kelly <>
Cc: <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Cameron <>
parent d58109dc
......@@ -587,7 +587,7 @@ EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(iio_dma_buffer_set_bytes_per_datum);
* Should be used as the set_length callback for iio_buffer_access_ops
* struct for DMA buffers.
int iio_dma_buffer_set_length(struct iio_buffer *buffer, int length)
int iio_dma_buffer_set_length(struct iio_buffer *buffer, unsigned int length)
/* Avoid an invalid state */
if (length < 2)
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ struct iio_kfifo {
#define iio_to_kfifo(r) container_of(r, struct iio_kfifo, buffer)
static inline int __iio_allocate_kfifo(struct iio_kfifo *buf,
int bytes_per_datum, int length)
size_t bytes_per_datum, unsigned int length)
if ((length == 0) || (bytes_per_datum == 0))
return -EINVAL;
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ static int iio_set_bytes_per_datum_kfifo(struct iio_buffer *r, size_t bpd)
return 0;
static int iio_set_length_kfifo(struct iio_buffer *r, int length)
static int iio_set_length_kfifo(struct iio_buffer *r, unsigned int length)
/* Avoid an invalid state */
if (length < 2)
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ struct iio_buffer_access_funcs {
int (*request_update)(struct iio_buffer *buffer);
int (*set_bytes_per_datum)(struct iio_buffer *buffer, size_t bpd);
int (*set_length)(struct iio_buffer *buffer, int length);
int (*set_length)(struct iio_buffer *buffer, unsigned int length);
int (*enable)(struct iio_buffer *buffer, struct iio_dev *indio_dev);
int (*disable)(struct iio_buffer *buffer, struct iio_dev *indio_dev);
......@@ -72,10 +72,10 @@ struct iio_buffer_access_funcs {
struct iio_buffer {
/** @length: Number of datums in buffer. */
int length;
unsigned int length;
/** @bytes_per_datum: Size of individual datum including timestamp. */
int bytes_per_datum;
size_t bytes_per_datum;
* @access: Buffer access functions associated with the
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