Commit f5775e0b authored by David Vrabel's avatar David Vrabel

x86/xen: discard RAM regions above the maximum reservation

During setup, discard RAM regions that are above the maximum
reservation (instead of marking them as E820_UNUSABLE).  This allows
hotplug memory to be placed at these addresses.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Vrabel <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Kiper <>
parent f6a6cb1a
......@@ -829,6 +829,8 @@ char * __init xen_memory_setup(void)
addr = xen_e820_map[0].addr;
size = xen_e820_map[0].size;
while (i < xen_e820_map_entries) {
bool discard = false;
chunk_size = size;
type = xen_e820_map[i].type;
......@@ -843,10 +845,11 @@ char * __init xen_memory_setup(void)
xen_add_extra_mem(pfn_s, n_pfns);
xen_max_p2m_pfn = pfn_s + n_pfns;
} else
type = E820_UNUSABLE;
discard = true;
xen_align_and_add_e820_region(addr, chunk_size, type);
if (!discard)
xen_align_and_add_e820_region(addr, chunk_size, type);
addr += chunk_size;
size -= chunk_size;
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