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      pwm: Add TI PWM subsystem driver · af0ba001
      Philip, Avinash authored
      In some platforms (like am33xx), PWM sub modules (ECAP, EHRPWM, EQEP)
      are integrated to PWM subsystem. These PWM submodules has resources
      shared and only one register bit-field is provided to control
      module/clock enable/disable, makes it difficult to handle common
      resources from independent PWMSS submodule drivers.
      So the solution here implemented in this patch is, to create driver for
      PWMSS and take the role of parent driver for PWM submodules. PWMSS
      parent driver enumerates all the child nodes under PWMSS module. Also
      symbol "pwmss_submodule_state_change" exported to enable clock gating
      for individual PWMSS submodules, and submodule drivers has to enable
      clock gating from their drivers.
      As this is only supported during DT boot, the parent/child relationship
      is created and populated in DT execution flow. The only required change
      is inside DTS file, making EHRPWM & ECAP as a child to PWMSS node.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilip, Avinash <avinashphilip@ti.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarThierry Reding <thierry.reding@avionic-design.de>