Commit 04cd1a99 authored by Dave Jones's avatar Dave Jones

[CPUFREQ] checkpatch cleanups for elanfreq

The remaining warning about the simple_strtoul conversion
to strict_strtoul seems kind of pointless to me.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Jones <>
parent 20174b65
......@@ -184,7 +184,8 @@ static int elanfreq_target(struct cpufreq_policy *policy,
unsigned int newstate = 0;
if (cpufreq_frequency_table_target(policy, &elanfreq_table[0], target_freq, relation, &newstate))
if (cpufreq_frequency_table_target(policy, &elanfreq_table[0],
target_freq, relation, &newstate))
return -EINVAL;
......@@ -301,7 +302,8 @@ static void __exit elanfreq_exit(void)
module_param(max_freq, int, 0444);
MODULE_AUTHOR("Robert Schwebel <>, Sven Geggus <>");
MODULE_AUTHOR("Robert Schwebel <>, "
"Sven Geggus <>");
MODULE_DESCRIPTION("cpufreq driver for AMD's Elan CPUs");
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