Commit a063ae17 authored by Jeff Mahoney's avatar Jeff Mahoney Committed by Linus Torvalds

reiserfs: rename p_s_tb to tb

This patch is a simple s/p_s_tb/tb/g to the reiserfs code.  This is the
fourth in a series of patches to rip out some of the awful variable
naming in reiserfs.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Mahoney <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 995c762e
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......@@ -1063,17 +1063,17 @@ static char prepare_for_delete_or_cut(struct reiserfs_transaction_handle *th, st
/* Calculate number of bytes which will be deleted or cut during balance */
static int calc_deleted_bytes_number(struct tree_balance *p_s_tb, char c_mode)
static int calc_deleted_bytes_number(struct tree_balance *tb, char c_mode)
int n_del_size;
struct item_head *p_le_ih = PATH_PITEM_HEAD(p_s_tb->tb_path);
struct item_head *p_le_ih = PATH_PITEM_HEAD(tb->tb_path);
if (is_statdata_le_ih(p_le_ih))
return 0;
n_del_size =
(c_mode ==
M_DELETE) ? ih_item_len(p_le_ih) : -p_s_tb->insert_size[0];
M_DELETE) ? ih_item_len(p_le_ih) : -tb->insert_size[0];
if (is_direntry_le_ih(p_le_ih)) {
// return EMPTY_DIR_SIZE; /* We delete emty directoris only. */
// we can't use EMPTY_DIR_SIZE, as old format dirs have a different
......@@ -1083,25 +1083,26 @@ static int calc_deleted_bytes_number(struct tree_balance *p_s_tb, char c_mode)
if (is_indirect_le_ih(p_le_ih))
n_del_size = (n_del_size / UNFM_P_SIZE) * (PATH_PLAST_BUFFER(p_s_tb->tb_path)->b_size); // - get_ih_free_space (p_le_ih);
n_del_size = (n_del_size / UNFM_P_SIZE) *
return n_del_size;
static void init_tb_struct(struct reiserfs_transaction_handle *th,
struct tree_balance *p_s_tb,
struct tree_balance *tb,
struct super_block *sb,
struct treepath *p_s_path, int n_size)
memset(p_s_tb, '\0', sizeof(struct tree_balance));
p_s_tb->transaction_handle = th;
p_s_tb->tb_sb = sb;
p_s_tb->tb_path = p_s_path;
memset(tb, '\0', sizeof(struct tree_balance));
tb->transaction_handle = th;
tb->tb_sb = sb;
tb->tb_path = p_s_path;
p_s_tb->insert_size[0] = n_size;
tb->insert_size[0] = n_size;
void padd_item(char *item, int total_length, int length)
......@@ -2004,7 +2004,7 @@ extern const struct address_space_operations reiserfs_address_space_operations;
/* fix_nodes.c */
int fix_nodes(int n_op_mode, struct tree_balance *p_s_tb,
int fix_nodes(int n_op_mode, struct tree_balance *tb,
struct item_head *p_s_ins_ih, const void *);
void unfix_nodes(struct tree_balance *);
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