Commit a1529920 authored by Lucas Stach's avatar Lucas Stach Committed by Philipp Zabel

drm/imx: always call wait_for_flip_done in commit_tail

drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_vblanks will go away in the future.

The new drm_atomic_helper_setup_commit in 4.15 expects that blocking commits
have completed flipping before the commit_tail returns. This must be ensured
by calling wait_for_vblanks or wait_for_flip_done, where flip_done might do
a less agressive wait, which is fine for imx-drm.

Fixes: 080de2e5 (drm/atomic: Check for busy planes/connectors before
                     setting the commit)
Signed-off-by: default avatarLucas Stach <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Vetter <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilipp Zabel <>
parent 4fbd8d19
......@@ -133,9 +133,16 @@ static void imx_drm_atomic_commit_tail(struct drm_atomic_state *state)
plane_disabling = true;
if (plane_disabling) {
drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_vblanks(dev, state);
* The flip done wait is only strictly required by imx-drm if a deferred
* plane disable is in-flight. As the core requires blocking commits
* to wait for the flip it is done here unconditionally. This keeps the
* workitem around a bit longer than required for the majority of
* non-blocking commits, but we accept that for the sake of simplicity.
drm_atomic_helper_wait_for_flip_done(dev, state);
if (plane_disabling) {
for_each_old_plane_in_state(state, plane, old_plane_state, i)
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