Commit a9a8cdb3 authored by Varun Prakash's avatar Varun Prakash Committed by David S. Miller

libcxgb: fix error check for ip6_route_output()

ip6_route_output() never returns NULL so
check dst->error instead of !dst.
Signed-off-by: default avatarVarun Prakash <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 63dfb0da
......@@ -133,17 +133,15 @@ cxgb_find_route6(struct cxgb4_lld_info *lldi,
if (ipv6_addr_type(&fl6.daddr) & IPV6_ADDR_LINKLOCAL)
fl6.flowi6_oif = sin6_scope_id;
dst = ip6_route_output(&init_net, NULL, &fl6);
if (!dst)
goto out;
if (!cxgb_our_interface(lldi, get_real_dev,
ip6_dst_idev(dst)->dev) &&
!(ip6_dst_idev(dst)->dev->flags & IFF_LOOPBACK)) {
if (dst->error ||
(!cxgb_our_interface(lldi, get_real_dev,
ip6_dst_idev(dst)->dev) &&
!(ip6_dst_idev(dst)->dev->flags & IFF_LOOPBACK))) {
dst = NULL;
return NULL;
return dst;
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