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    powerpc: Remove all usages of NO_IRQ · ef24ba70
    Michael Ellerman authored
    NO_IRQ has been == 0 on powerpc for just over ten years (since commit
    0ebfff14 ("[POWERPC] Add new interrupt mapping core and change
    platforms to use it")). It's also 0 on most other arches.
    Although it's fairly harmless, every now and then it causes confusion
    when a driver is built on powerpc and another arch which doesn't define
    NO_IRQ. There's at least 6 definitions of NO_IRQ in drivers/, at least
    some of which are to work around that problem.
    So we'd like to remove it. This is fairly trivial in the arch code, we
    just convert:
        if (irq == NO_IRQ)	to	if (!irq)
        if (irq != NO_IRQ)	to	if (irq)
        irq = NO_IRQ;	to	irq = 0;
        return NO_IRQ;	to	return 0;
    And a few other odd cases as well.
    At least for now we keep the #define NO_IRQ, because there is driver
    code that uses NO_IRQ and the fixes to remove those will go via other
    Note we also change some occurrences in PPC sound drivers, drivers/ps3,
    and drivers/macintosh.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Ellerman <mpe@ellerman.id.au>