Commit 345ddcc8 authored by Steven Rostedt (Red Hat)'s avatar Steven Rostedt (Red Hat) Committed by Steven Rostedt

ftrace: Have set_ftrace_pid use the bitmap like events do

Convert set_ftrace_pid to use the bitmap like set_event_pid does. This
allows for instances to use the pid filtering as well, and will allow for
function-fork option to set if the children of a traced function should be
traced or not.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Rostedt <>
parent 76c813e2
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -7233,6 +7233,7 @@ init_tracer_tracefs(struct trace_array *tr, struct dentry *d_tracer)
tracing_init_tracefs_percpu(tr, cpu);
ftrace_init_tracefs(tr, d_tracer);
static struct vfsmount *trace_automount(void *ingore)
......@@ -156,6 +156,9 @@ struct trace_array_cpu {
char comm[TASK_COMM_LEN];
bool ignore_pid;
bool ftrace_ignore_pid;
struct tracer;
......@@ -247,6 +250,7 @@ struct trace_array {
int ref;
struct ftrace_ops *ops;
struct trace_pid_list __rcu *function_pids;
/* function tracing enabled */
int function_enabled;
......@@ -840,12 +844,9 @@ extern struct list_head ftrace_pids;
extern bool ftrace_filter_param __initdata;
static inline int ftrace_trace_task(struct task_struct *task)
static inline int ftrace_trace_task(struct trace_array *tr)
if (list_empty(&ftrace_pids))
return 1;
return test_tsk_trace_trace(task);
return !this_cpu_read(tr->>ftrace_ignore_pid);
extern int ftrace_is_dead(void);
int ftrace_create_function_files(struct trace_array *tr,
......@@ -855,8 +856,9 @@ void ftrace_init_global_array_ops(struct trace_array *tr);
void ftrace_init_array_ops(struct trace_array *tr, ftrace_func_t func);
void ftrace_reset_array_ops(struct trace_array *tr);
int using_ftrace_ops_list_func(void);
void ftrace_init_tracefs(struct trace_array *tr, struct dentry *d_tracer);
static inline int ftrace_trace_task(struct task_struct *task)
static inline int ftrace_trace_task(struct trace_array *tr)
return 1;
......@@ -871,6 +873,7 @@ static inline void ftrace_destroy_function_files(struct trace_array *tr) { }
static inline __init void
ftrace_init_global_array_ops(struct trace_array *tr) { }
static inline void ftrace_reset_array_ops(struct trace_array *tr) { }
static inline void ftrace_init_tracefs(struct trace_array *tr, struct dentry *d) { }
/* ftace_func_t type is not defined, use macro instead of static inline */
#define ftrace_init_array_ops(tr, func) do { } while (0)
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ static int allocate_ftrace_ops(struct trace_array *tr)
/* Currently only the non stack verision is supported */
ops->func = function_trace_call;
tr->ops = ops;
ops->private = tr;
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ int trace_graph_entry(struct ftrace_graph_ent *trace)
int cpu;
int pc;
if (!ftrace_trace_task(current))
if (!ftrace_trace_task(tr))
return 0;
/* trace it when it is-nested-in or is a function enabled. */
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