Commit 43e36a96 authored by Thierry Reding's avatar Thierry Reding Committed by Peter De Schrijver

clk: tegra: Initialize secondary gr3d clock on Tegra30

There are two GPUs on Tegra30 and each of them uses a separate clock, so
the secondary clock needs to be initialized in order for the gr3d module
to work properly.
Signed-off-by: default avatarThierry Reding <>
parent 77f71730
......@@ -1368,6 +1368,7 @@ static struct tegra_clk_init_table init_table[] __initdata = {
{TEGRA30_CLK_GR2D, TEGRA30_CLK_PLL_C, 300000000, 0},
{TEGRA30_CLK_GR3D, TEGRA30_CLK_PLL_C, 300000000, 0},
{TEGRA30_CLK_GR3D2, TEGRA30_CLK_PLL_C, 300000000, 0},
{TEGRA30_CLK_CLK_MAX, TEGRA30_CLK_CLK_MAX, 0, 0}, /* This MUST be the last entry. */
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