Commit dbfeaa7a authored by Tom Zanussi's avatar Tom Zanussi Committed by Steven Rostedt

tracing: Add get_syscall_name()

Add a utility function to grab the syscall name from the syscall
metadata, given a syscall id.

Link: default avatarTom Zanussi <>
Tested-by: default avatarMasami Hiramatsu <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarNamhyung Kim <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Rostedt <>
parent c4a59230
......@@ -1394,8 +1394,13 @@ int perf_ftrace_event_register(struct trace_event_call *call,
void init_ftrace_syscalls(void);
const char *get_syscall_name(int syscall);
static inline void init_ftrace_syscalls(void) { }
static inline const char *get_syscall_name(int syscall)
return NULL;
......@@ -106,6 +106,17 @@ static struct syscall_metadata *syscall_nr_to_meta(int nr)
return syscalls_metadata[nr];
const char *get_syscall_name(int syscall)
struct syscall_metadata *entry;
entry = syscall_nr_to_meta(syscall);
if (!entry)
return NULL;
return entry->name;
static enum print_line_t
print_syscall_enter(struct trace_iterator *iter, int flags,
struct trace_event *event)
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