Commit eea0d3ea authored by Stephan Mueller's avatar Stephan Mueller Committed by Herbert Xu

crypto: drbg - set freed buffers to NULL

During freeing of the internal buffers used by the DRBG, set the pointer
to NULL. It is possible that the context with the freed buffers is
reused. In case of an error during initialization where the pointers
do not yet point to allocated memory, the NULL value prevents a double

Fixes: 3cfc3b97 ("crypto: drbg - use aligned buffers")
Signed-off-by: default avatarStephan Mueller <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
parent b346e492
...@@ -1134,8 +1134,10 @@ static inline void drbg_dealloc_state(struct drbg_state *drbg) ...@@ -1134,8 +1134,10 @@ static inline void drbg_dealloc_state(struct drbg_state *drbg)
if (!drbg) if (!drbg)
return; return;
kzfree(drbg->Vbuf); kzfree(drbg->Vbuf);
drbg->Vbuf = NULL;
drbg->V = NULL; drbg->V = NULL;
kzfree(drbg->Cbuf); kzfree(drbg->Cbuf);
drbg->Cbuf = NULL;
drbg->C = NULL; drbg->C = NULL;
kzfree(drbg->scratchpadbuf); kzfree(drbg->scratchpadbuf);
drbg->scratchpadbuf = NULL; drbg->scratchpadbuf = NULL;
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