1. 12 Jul, 2017 1 commit
  2. 03 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      block, bfq: don't change ioprio class for a bfq_queue on a service tree · 431b17f9
      Paolo Valente authored
      On each deactivation or re-scheduling (after being served) of a
      bfq_queue, BFQ invokes the function __bfq_entity_update_weight_prio(),
      to perform pending updates of ioprio, weight and ioprio class for the
      bfq_queue. BFQ also invokes this function on I/O-request dispatches,
      to raise or lower weights more quickly when needed, thereby improving
      latency. However, the entity representing the bfq_queue may be on the
      active (sub)tree of a service tree when this happens, and, although
      with a very low probability, the bfq_queue may happen to also have a
      pending change of its ioprio class. If both conditions hold when
      __bfq_entity_update_weight_prio() is invoked, then the entity moves to
      a sort of hybrid state: the new service tree for the entity, as
      returned by bfq_entity_service_tree(), differs from service tree on
      which the entity still is. The functions that handle activations and
      deactivations of entities do not cope with such a hybrid state (and
      would need to become more complex to cope).
      This commit addresses this issue by just making
      __bfq_entity_update_weight_prio() not perform also a possible pending
      change of ioprio class, when invoked on an I/O-request dispatch for a
      bfq_queue. Such a change is thus postponed to when
      __bfq_entity_update_weight_prio() is invoked on deactivation or
      re-scheduling of the bfq_queue.
      Reported-by: default avatarMarco Piazza <mpiazza@gmail.com>
      Reported-by: default avatarLaurentiu Nicola <lnicola@dend.ro>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPaolo Valente <paolo.valente@linaro.org>
      Tested-by: default avatarMarco Piazza <mpiazza@gmail.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJens Axboe <axboe@kernel.dk>
  3. 10 May, 2017 1 commit
  4. 19 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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      block, bfq: split bfq-iosched.c into multiple source files · ea25da48
      Paolo Valente authored
      The BFQ I/O scheduler features an optimal fair-queuing
      (proportional-share) scheduling algorithm, enriched with several
      mechanisms to boost throughput and reduce latency for interactive and
      real-time applications. This makes BFQ a large and complex piece of
      code. This commit addresses this issue by splitting BFQ into three
      main, independent components, and by moving each component into a
      separate source file:
      1. Main algorithm: handles the interaction with the kernel, and
      decides which requests to dispatch; it uses the following two further
      components to achieve its goals.
      2. Scheduling engine (Hierarchical B-WF2Q+ scheduling algorithm):
      computes the schedule, using weights and budgets provided by the above
      3. cgroups support: handles group operations (creation, destruction,
      move, ...).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPaolo Valente <paolo.valente@linaro.org>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarJens Axboe <axboe@fb.com>