Commit 8f515061 authored by Paul Mackerras's avatar Paul Mackerras

Revert "[POWERPC] Fix RTAS os-term usage on kernel panic"

This reverts commit a2b51812.

It turns out that this change caused some machines to fail to come
back up when being rebooted, and generated an error in the hypervisor
error log on some machines.  The platform architecture (PAPR) is a
little unclear on exactly when the RTAS ibm,os-term function should be
called.  Until that is clarified I'm reverting this commit.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Mackerras <>
parent 92d499d9
......@@ -638,18 +638,18 @@ void rtas_halt(void)
/* Must be in the RMO region, so we place it here */
static char rtas_os_term_buf[2048];
void rtas_panic_msg(char *str)
snprintf(rtas_os_term_buf, 2048, "OS panic: %s", str);
void rtas_os_term(void)
void rtas_os_term(char *str)
int status;
if (panic_timeout)
if (RTAS_UNKNOWN_SERVICE == rtas_token("ibm,os-term"))
snprintf(rtas_os_term_buf, 2048, "OS panic: %s", str);
do {
status = rtas_call(rtas_token("ibm,os-term"), 1, 1, NULL,
......@@ -507,8 +507,7 @@ define_machine(pseries) {
.restart = rtas_restart,
.power_off = pSeries_power_off,
.halt = rtas_halt,
.panic = rtas_panic_msg,
.machine_shutdown = rtas_os_term,
.panic = rtas_os_term,
.get_boot_time = rtas_get_boot_time,
.get_rtc_time = rtas_get_rtc_time,
.set_rtc_time = rtas_set_rtc_time,
......@@ -164,8 +164,7 @@ extern int rtas_call(int token, int, int, int *, ...);
extern void rtas_restart(char *cmd);
extern void rtas_power_off(void);
extern void rtas_halt(void);
extern void rtas_panic_msg(char *str);
extern void rtas_os_term(void);
extern void rtas_os_term(char *str);
extern int rtas_get_sensor(int sensor, int index, int *state);
extern int rtas_get_power_level(int powerdomain, int *level);
extern int rtas_set_power_level(int powerdomain, int level, int *setlevel);
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