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    ipipe/timer: apply minimum delay on close timer shot · 08cc334c
    Philippe Gerum authored
    When programming the timer, eagerly raising a timer IRQ by software
    via the pipeline for close shots (i.e. below the clock chip's minimum
    delay) may cause such event to happen too early for the co-kernel to
    actually deliver it to any handler, which in turn may trigger yet
    another request for programming the timer with too close a delay, and
    so on, until the current time eventually matches some pending event
    In such a case, the system may spend a lot of time trying to converge
    on a proper trigger date by looping into the clock event handling
    logic, delaying the co-kernel by the same amount.
    To fix this, always go through the clock hardware for programming a
    close shot with the minimum acceptable delay, which ensures that we
    won't receive the next timer event too early.
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