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    iop3xx: surface the iop3xx DMA and AAU units to the iop-adma driver · 2492c845
    Dan Williams authored
    Adds the platform device definitions and the architecture specific support
    routines (i.e. register initialization and descriptor formats) for the
    iop-adma driver.
    * add support for > 1k zero sum buffer sizes
    * added dma/aau platform devices to iq80321 and iq80332 setup
    * fixed the calculation in iop_desc_is_aligned
    * support xor buffer sizes larger than 16MB
    * fix places where software descriptors are assumed to be contiguous, only
      hardware descriptors are contiguous for up to a PAGE_SIZE buffer size
    * convert to async_tx
    * add interrupt support
    * add platform devices for 80219 boards
    * do not call platform register macros in driver code
    * remove switch() statements for compatible register offsets/layouts
    * change over to bitmap based capabilities
    * remove unnecessary ARM assembly statement
    * checkpatch.pl fixes
    * gpl v2 only correction
    * phys move to dma_async_tx_descriptor
    Cc: Russell King <rmk@arm.linux.org.uk>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.com>
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