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    freezer: unexport refrigerator() and update try_to_freeze() slightly · a0acae0e
    Tejun Heo authored
    There is no reason to export two functions for entering the
    refrigerator.  Calling refrigerator() instead of try_to_freeze()
    doesn't save anything noticeable or removes any race condition.
    * Rename refrigerator() to __refrigerator() and make it return bool
      indicating whether it scheduled out for freezing.
    * Update try_to_freeze() to return bool and relay the return value of
      __refrigerator() if freezing().
    * Convert all refrigerator() users to try_to_freeze().
    * Update documentation accordingly.
    * While at it, add might_sleep() to try_to_freeze().
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <tj@kernel.org>
    Cc: Samuel Ortiz <samuel@sortiz.org>
    Cc: Chris Mason <chris.mason@oracle.com>
    Cc: "Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu>
    Cc: Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>
    Cc: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>
    Cc: Jan Kara <jack@suse.cz>
    Cc: KONISHI Ryusuke <konishi.ryusuke@lab.ntt.co.jp>
    Cc: Christoph Hellwig <hch@infradead.org>
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