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Documentation: dt: soc: Add description for knav qmss driver

Add documentation for knav qmss driver.
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* Texas Instruments Keystone Navigator Queue Management SubSystem driver
Driver source code path
The QMSS (Queue Manager Sub System) found on Keystone SOCs is one of
the main hardware sub system which forms the backbone of the Keystone
multi-core Navigator. QMSS consist of queue managers, packed-data structure
processors(PDSP), linking RAM, descriptor pools and infrastructure
Packet DMA.
The Queue Manager is a hardware module that is responsible for accelerating
management of the packet queues. Packets are queued/de-queued by writing or
reading descriptor address to a particular memory mapped location. The PDSPs
perform QMSS related functions like accumulation, QoS, or event management.
Linking RAM registers are used to link the descriptors which are stored in
descriptor RAM. Descriptor RAM is configurable as internal or external memory.
The QMSS driver manages the PDSP setups, linking RAM regions,
queue pool management (allocation, push, pop and notify) and descriptor
pool management.
knav qmss driver provides a set of APIs to drivers to open/close qmss queues,
allocate descriptor pools, map the descriptors, push/pop to queues etc. For
details of the available APIs, please refers to include/linux/soc/ti/knav_qmss.h
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