Commit 3648888e authored by Jeff Layton's avatar Jeff Layton

locks: get rid of WE_CAN_BREAK_LSLK_NOW dead code

As Bruce points out, there's no compelling reason to change /proc/locks
output at this point. If we did want to do this, then we'd almost
certainly want to introduce a new file to display this info (maybe via

Let's remove the dead WE_CAN_BREAK_LSLK_NOW ifdef here and just plan to
stay with the legacy format.
Reported-by: default avatarJ. Bruce Fields <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Layton <>
parent cae80b30
......@@ -2565,15 +2565,10 @@ static void lock_get_status(struct seq_file *f, struct file_lock *fl,
: (fl->fl_type == F_WRLCK) ? "WRITE" : "READ ");
if (inode) {
seq_printf(f, "%d %s:%ld ", fl_pid,
inode->i_sb->s_id, inode->i_ino);
/* userspace relies on this representation of dev_t ;-( */
/* userspace relies on this representation of dev_t */
seq_printf(f, "%d %02x:%02x:%ld ", fl_pid,
MINOR(inode->i_sb->s_dev), inode->i_ino);
} else {
seq_printf(f, "%d <none>:0 ", fl_pid);
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