Commit 70bc1e24 authored by Jes Sorensen's avatar Jes Sorensen Committed by Kalle Valo

rtl8xxxu: Use proper register name for REG_PAD_CTRL1

Fixup another case where the hard coded register value was used
instead of the name.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJes Sorensen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKalle Valo <>
parent b052b7fc
......@@ -3550,9 +3550,9 @@ static void rtl8723bu_phy_init_antenna_selection(struct rtl8xxxu_priv *priv)
u32 val32;
val32 = rtl8xxxu_read32(priv, 0x64);
val32 = rtl8xxxu_read32(priv, REG_PAD_CTRL1);
val32 &= ~(BIT(20) | BIT(24));
rtl8xxxu_write32(priv, 0x64, val32);
rtl8xxxu_write32(priv, REG_PAD_CTRL1, val32);
val32 = rtl8xxxu_read32(priv, REG_GPIO_MUXCFG);
val32 &= ~BIT(4);
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