Commit 743b03a8 authored by Eric Dumazet's avatar Eric Dumazet Committed by David S. Miller

net: remove netdevice gso_min_segs

After introduction of ndo_features_check(), we believe that very
specific checks for rare features should not be done in core
networking stack.

No driver uses gso_min_segs yet, so we revert this feature and save
few instructions per tx packet in fast path.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Dumazet <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent cfe2f14c
......@@ -1586,8 +1586,6 @@ enum netdev_priv_flags {
* @gso_max_size: Maximum size of generic segmentation offload
* @gso_max_segs: Maximum number of segments that can be passed to the
* NIC for GSO
* @gso_min_segs: Minimum number of segments that can be passed to the
* NIC for GSO
* @dcbnl_ops: Data Center Bridging netlink ops
* @num_tc: Number of traffic classes in the net device
......@@ -1858,7 +1856,7 @@ struct net_device {
unsigned int gso_max_size;
#define GSO_MAX_SEGS 65535
u16 gso_max_segs;
u16 gso_min_segs;
const struct dcbnl_rtnl_ops *dcbnl_ops;
......@@ -2831,7 +2831,7 @@ netdev_features_t netif_skb_features(struct sk_buff *skb)
netdev_features_t features = dev->features;
u16 gso_segs = skb_shinfo(skb)->gso_segs;
if (gso_segs > dev->gso_max_segs || gso_segs < dev->gso_min_segs)
if (gso_segs > dev->gso_max_segs)
features &= ~NETIF_F_GSO_MASK;
/* If encapsulation offload request, verify we are testing
......@@ -7429,7 +7429,6 @@ struct net_device *alloc_netdev_mqs(int sizeof_priv, const char *name,
dev->gso_max_size = GSO_MAX_SIZE;
dev->gso_max_segs = GSO_MAX_SEGS;
dev->gso_min_segs = 0;
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