Commit a73456f3 authored by Li Zefan's avatar Li Zefan Committed by Tejun Heo

cpuset: re-structure update_cpumask() a bit

Check if cpus_allowed is to be changed before calling validate_change().

This won't change any behavior, but later it will allow us to do this:

 # mkdir /cpuset/child
 # echo $$ > /cpuset/child/tasks	/* empty cpuset */
 # echo > /cpuset/child/cpuset.cpus	/* do nothing, won't fail */

Without this patch, the last operation will fail.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLi Zefan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <>
parent 249cc86d
......@@ -856,14 +856,15 @@ static int update_cpumask(struct cpuset *cs, struct cpuset *trialcs,
if (!cpumask_subset(trialcs->cpus_allowed, cpu_active_mask))
return -EINVAL;
retval = validate_change(cs, trialcs);
if (retval < 0)
return retval;
/* Nothing to do if the cpus didn't change */
if (cpumask_equal(cs->cpus_allowed, trialcs->cpus_allowed))
return 0;
retval = validate_change(cs, trialcs);
if (retval < 0)
return retval;
retval = heap_init(&heap, PAGE_SIZE, GFP_KERNEL, NULL);
if (retval)
return retval;
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