Commit ae14c5d2 authored by Jes Sorensen's avatar Jes Sorensen Committed by Kalle Valo

rtl8xxxu: Add 8192eu PHY init table

The 8192eu also requires it's own PHY init table.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJes Sorensen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKalle Valo <>
parent e293278d
......@@ -610,6 +610,138 @@ static struct rtl8xxxu_reg32val rtl8188ru_phy_1t_highpa_table[] = {
{0xffff, 0xffffffff},
static struct rtl8xxxu_reg32val rtl8192eu_phy_init_table[] = {
{0x800, 0x80040000}, {0x804, 0x00000003},
{0x808, 0x0000fc00}, {0x80c, 0x0000000a},
{0x810, 0x10001331}, {0x814, 0x020c3d10},
{0x818, 0x02220385}, {0x81c, 0x00000000},
{0x820, 0x01000100}, {0x824, 0x00390204},
{0x828, 0x01000100}, {0x82c, 0x00390204},
{0x830, 0x32323232}, {0x834, 0x30303030},
{0x838, 0x30303030}, {0x83c, 0x30303030},
{0x840, 0x00010000}, {0x844, 0x00010000},
{0x848, 0x28282828}, {0x84c, 0x28282828},
{0x850, 0x00000000}, {0x854, 0x00000000},
{0x858, 0x009a009a}, {0x85c, 0x01000014},
{0x860, 0x66f60000}, {0x864, 0x061f0000},
{0x868, 0x30303030}, {0x86c, 0x30303030},
{0x870, 0x00000000}, {0x874, 0x55004200},
{0x878, 0x08080808}, {0x87c, 0x00000000},
{0x880, 0xb0000c1c}, {0x884, 0x00000001},
{0x888, 0x00000000}, {0x88c, 0xcc0000c0},
{0x890, 0x00000800}, {0x894, 0xfffffffe},
{0x898, 0x40302010}, {0x900, 0x00000000},
{0x904, 0x00000023}, {0x908, 0x00000000},
{0x90c, 0x81121313}, {0x910, 0x806c0001},
{0x914, 0x00000001}, {0x918, 0x00000000},
{0x91c, 0x00010000}, {0x924, 0x00000001},
{0x928, 0x00000000}, {0x92c, 0x00000000},
{0x930, 0x00000000}, {0x934, 0x00000000},
{0x938, 0x00000000}, {0x93c, 0x00000000},
{0x940, 0x00000000}, {0x944, 0x00000000},
{0x94c, 0x00000008}, {0xa00, 0x00d0c7c8},
{0xa04, 0x81ff000c}, {0xa08, 0x8c838300},
{0xa0c, 0x2e68120f}, {0xa10, 0x95009b78},
{0xa14, 0x1114d028}, {0xa18, 0x00881117},
{0xa1c, 0x89140f00}, {0xa20, 0x1a1b0000},
{0xa24, 0x090e1317}, {0xa28, 0x00000204},
{0xa2c, 0x00d30000}, {0xa70, 0x101fff00},
{0xa74, 0x00000007}, {0xa78, 0x00000900},
{0xa7c, 0x225b0606}, {0xa80, 0x218075b1},
{0xb38, 0x00000000}, {0xc00, 0x48071d40},
{0xc04, 0x03a05633}, {0xc08, 0x000000e4},
{0xc0c, 0x6c6c6c6c}, {0xc10, 0x08800000},
{0xc14, 0x40000100}, {0xc18, 0x08800000},
{0xc1c, 0x40000100}, {0xc20, 0x00000000},
{0xc24, 0x00000000}, {0xc28, 0x00000000},
{0xc2c, 0x00000000}, {0xc30, 0x69e9ac47},
{0xc34, 0x469652af}, {0xc38, 0x49795994},
{0xc3c, 0x0a97971c}, {0xc40, 0x1f7c403f},
{0xc44, 0x000100b7}, {0xc48, 0xec020107},
{0xc4c, 0x007f037f},
#ifdef EXT_PA_8192EU
/* External PA or external LNA */
{0xc50, 0x00340220},
{0xc50, 0x00340020},
{0xc54, 0x0080801f},
#ifdef EXT_PA_8192EU
/* External PA or external LNA */
{0xc58, 0x00000220},
{0xc58, 0x00000020},
{0xc5c, 0x00248492}, {0xc60, 0x00000000},
{0xc64, 0x7112848b}, {0xc68, 0x47c00bff},
{0xc6c, 0x00000036}, {0xc70, 0x00000600},
{0xc74, 0x02013169}, {0xc78, 0x0000001f},
{0xc7c, 0x00b91612},
#ifdef EXT_PA_8192EU
/* External PA or external LNA */
{0xc80, 0x2d4000b5},
{0xc80, 0x40000100},
{0xc84, 0x21f60000},
#ifdef EXT_PA_8192EU
/* External PA or external LNA */
{0xc88, 0x2d4000b5},
{0xc88, 0x40000100},
{0xc8c, 0xa0e40000}, {0xc90, 0x00121820},
{0xc94, 0x00000000}, {0xc98, 0x00121820},
{0xc9c, 0x00007f7f}, {0xca0, 0x00000000},
{0xca4, 0x000300a0}, {0xca8, 0x00000000},
{0xcac, 0x00000000}, {0xcb0, 0x00000000},
{0xcb4, 0x00000000}, {0xcb8, 0x00000000},
{0xcbc, 0x28000000}, {0xcc0, 0x00000000},
{0xcc4, 0x00000000}, {0xcc8, 0x00000000},
{0xccc, 0x00000000}, {0xcd0, 0x00000000},
{0xcd4, 0x00000000}, {0xcd8, 0x64b22427},
{0xcdc, 0x00766932}, {0xce0, 0x00222222},
{0xce4, 0x00040000}, {0xce8, 0x77644302},
{0xcec, 0x2f97d40c}, {0xd00, 0x00080740},
{0xd04, 0x00020403}, {0xd08, 0x0000907f},
{0xd0c, 0x20010201}, {0xd10, 0xa0633333},
{0xd14, 0x3333bc43}, {0xd18, 0x7a8f5b6b},
{0xd1c, 0x0000007f}, {0xd2c, 0xcc979975},
{0xd30, 0x00000000}, {0xd34, 0x80608000},
{0xd38, 0x00000000}, {0xd3c, 0x00127353},
{0xd40, 0x00000000}, {0xd44, 0x00000000},
{0xd48, 0x00000000}, {0xd4c, 0x00000000},
{0xd50, 0x6437140a}, {0xd54, 0x00000000},
{0xd58, 0x00000282}, {0xd5c, 0x30032064},
{0xd60, 0x4653de68}, {0xd64, 0x04518a3c},
{0xd68, 0x00002101}, {0xd6c, 0x2a201c16},
{0xd70, 0x1812362e}, {0xd74, 0x322c2220},
{0xd78, 0x000e3c24}, {0xd80, 0x01081008},
{0xd84, 0x00000800}, {0xd88, 0xf0b50000},
{0xe00, 0x30303030}, {0xe04, 0x30303030},
{0xe08, 0x03903030}, {0xe10, 0x30303030},
{0xe14, 0x30303030}, {0xe18, 0x30303030},
{0xe1c, 0x30303030}, {0xe28, 0x00000000},
{0xe30, 0x1000dc1f}, {0xe34, 0x10008c1f},
{0xe38, 0x02140102}, {0xe3c, 0x681604c2},
{0xe40, 0x01007c00}, {0xe44, 0x01004800},
{0xe48, 0xfb000000}, {0xe4c, 0x000028d1},
{0xe50, 0x1000dc1f}, {0xe54, 0x10008c1f},
{0xe58, 0x02140102}, {0xe5c, 0x28160d05},
{0xe60, 0x00000008}, {0xe68, 0x0fc05656},
{0xe6c, 0x03c09696}, {0xe70, 0x03c09696},
{0xe74, 0x0c005656}, {0xe78, 0x0c005656},
{0xe7c, 0x0c005656}, {0xe80, 0x0c005656},
{0xe84, 0x03c09696}, {0xe88, 0x0c005656},
{0xe8c, 0x03c09696}, {0xed0, 0x03c09696},
{0xed4, 0x03c09696}, {0xed8, 0x03c09696},
{0xedc, 0x0000d6d6}, {0xee0, 0x0000d6d6},
{0xeec, 0x0fc01616}, {0xee4, 0xb0000c1c},
{0xee8, 0x00000001}, {0xf14, 0x00000003},
{0xf4c, 0x00000000}, {0xf00, 0x00000300},
{0xffff, 0xffffffff},
static struct rtl8xxxu_reg32val rtl8xxx_agc_standard_table[] = {
{0xc78, 0x7b000001}, {0xc78, 0x7b010001},
{0xc78, 0x7b020001}, {0xc78, 0x7b030001},
......@@ -3516,6 +3648,14 @@ static int rtl8xxxu_init_phy_bb(struct rtl8xxxu_priv *priv)
rtl8xxxu_write8(priv, REG_SYS_FUNC, 0xe3);
rtl8xxxu_write8(priv, REG_AFE_XTAL_CTRL + 1, 0x80);
rtl8xxxu_init_phy_regs(priv, rtl8723b_phy_1t_init_table);
} else if (priv->rtl_chip == RTL8192E) {
val16 = rtl8xxxu_read16(priv, REG_SYS_FUNC);
rtl8xxxu_write16(priv, REG_SYS_FUNC, val16);
rtl8xxxu_write8(priv, REG_RF_CTRL, val8);
rtl8xxxu_init_phy_regs(priv, rtl8192eu_phy_init_table);
} else
rtl8xxxu_init_phy_regs(priv, rtl8723a_phy_1t_init_table);
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