Commit e293278d authored by Jes Sorensen's avatar Jes Sorensen Committed by Kalle Valo

rtl8xxxu: Add 8192eu AGC tables

A device specific AGC table is required for the 8192eu as well.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJes Sorensen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKalle Valo <>
parent 19102f84
......@@ -849,6 +849,144 @@ static struct rtl8xxxu_reg32val rtl8xxx_agc_8723bu_table[] = {
{0xffff, 0xffffffff}
static struct rtl8xxxu_reg32val rtl8xxx_agc_8192eu_std_table[] = {
{0xc78, 0xfb000001}, {0xc78, 0xfb010001},
{0xc78, 0xfb020001}, {0xc78, 0xfb030001},
{0xc78, 0xfb040001}, {0xc78, 0xfb050001},
{0xc78, 0xfa060001}, {0xc78, 0xf9070001},
{0xc78, 0xf8080001}, {0xc78, 0xf7090001},
{0xc78, 0xf60a0001}, {0xc78, 0xf50b0001},
{0xc78, 0xf40c0001}, {0xc78, 0xf30d0001},
{0xc78, 0xf20e0001}, {0xc78, 0xf10f0001},
{0xc78, 0xf0100001}, {0xc78, 0xef110001},
{0xc78, 0xee120001}, {0xc78, 0xed130001},
{0xc78, 0xec140001}, {0xc78, 0xeb150001},
{0xc78, 0xea160001}, {0xc78, 0xe9170001},
{0xc78, 0xe8180001}, {0xc78, 0xe7190001},
{0xc78, 0xc81a0001}, {0xc78, 0xc71b0001},
{0xc78, 0xc61c0001}, {0xc78, 0x071d0001},
{0xc78, 0x061e0001}, {0xc78, 0x051f0001},
{0xc78, 0x04200001}, {0xc78, 0x03210001},
{0xc78, 0xaa220001}, {0xc78, 0xa9230001},
{0xc78, 0xa8240001}, {0xc78, 0xa7250001},
{0xc78, 0xa6260001}, {0xc78, 0x85270001},
{0xc78, 0x84280001}, {0xc78, 0x83290001},
{0xc78, 0x252a0001}, {0xc78, 0x242b0001},
{0xc78, 0x232c0001}, {0xc78, 0x222d0001},
{0xc78, 0x672e0001}, {0xc78, 0x662f0001},
{0xc78, 0x65300001}, {0xc78, 0x64310001},
{0xc78, 0x63320001}, {0xc78, 0x62330001},
{0xc78, 0x61340001}, {0xc78, 0x45350001},
{0xc78, 0x44360001}, {0xc78, 0x43370001},
{0xc78, 0x42380001}, {0xc78, 0x41390001},
{0xc78, 0x403a0001}, {0xc78, 0x403b0001},
{0xc78, 0x403c0001}, {0xc78, 0x403d0001},
{0xc78, 0x403e0001}, {0xc78, 0x403f0001},
{0xc78, 0xfb400001}, {0xc78, 0xfb410001},
{0xc78, 0xfb420001}, {0xc78, 0xfb430001},
{0xc78, 0xfb440001}, {0xc78, 0xfb450001},
{0xc78, 0xfa460001}, {0xc78, 0xf9470001},
{0xc78, 0xf8480001}, {0xc78, 0xf7490001},
{0xc78, 0xf64a0001}, {0xc78, 0xf54b0001},
{0xc78, 0xf44c0001}, {0xc78, 0xf34d0001},
{0xc78, 0xf24e0001}, {0xc78, 0xf14f0001},
{0xc78, 0xf0500001}, {0xc78, 0xef510001},
{0xc78, 0xee520001}, {0xc78, 0xed530001},
{0xc78, 0xec540001}, {0xc78, 0xeb550001},
{0xc78, 0xea560001}, {0xc78, 0xe9570001},
{0xc78, 0xe8580001}, {0xc78, 0xe7590001},
{0xc78, 0xe65a0001}, {0xc78, 0xe55b0001},
{0xc78, 0xe45c0001}, {0xc78, 0xe35d0001},
{0xc78, 0xe25e0001}, {0xc78, 0xe15f0001},
{0xc78, 0x8a600001}, {0xc78, 0x89610001},
{0xc78, 0x88620001}, {0xc78, 0x87630001},
{0xc78, 0x86640001}, {0xc78, 0x85650001},
{0xc78, 0x84660001}, {0xc78, 0x83670001},
{0xc78, 0x82680001}, {0xc78, 0x6b690001},
{0xc78, 0x6a6a0001}, {0xc78, 0x696b0001},
{0xc78, 0x686c0001}, {0xc78, 0x676d0001},
{0xc78, 0x666e0001}, {0xc78, 0x656f0001},
{0xc78, 0x64700001}, {0xc78, 0x63710001},
{0xc78, 0x62720001}, {0xc78, 0x61730001},
{0xc78, 0x49740001}, {0xc78, 0x48750001},
{0xc78, 0x47760001}, {0xc78, 0x46770001},
{0xc78, 0x45780001}, {0xc78, 0x44790001},
{0xc78, 0x437a0001}, {0xc78, 0x427b0001},
{0xc78, 0x417c0001}, {0xc78, 0x407d0001},
{0xc78, 0x407e0001}, {0xc78, 0x407f0001},
{0xc50, 0x00040022}, {0xc50, 0x00040020},
{0xffff, 0xffffffff}
static struct rtl8xxxu_reg32val rtl8xxx_agc_8192eu_highpa_table[] = {
{0xc78, 0xfa000001}, {0xc78, 0xf9010001},
{0xc78, 0xf8020001}, {0xc78, 0xf7030001},
{0xc78, 0xf6040001}, {0xc78, 0xf5050001},
{0xc78, 0xf4060001}, {0xc78, 0xf3070001},
{0xc78, 0xf2080001}, {0xc78, 0xf1090001},
{0xc78, 0xf00a0001}, {0xc78, 0xef0b0001},
{0xc78, 0xee0c0001}, {0xc78, 0xed0d0001},
{0xc78, 0xec0e0001}, {0xc78, 0xeb0f0001},
{0xc78, 0xea100001}, {0xc78, 0xe9110001},
{0xc78, 0xe8120001}, {0xc78, 0xe7130001},
{0xc78, 0xe6140001}, {0xc78, 0xe5150001},
{0xc78, 0xe4160001}, {0xc78, 0xe3170001},
{0xc78, 0xe2180001}, {0xc78, 0xe1190001},
{0xc78, 0x8a1a0001}, {0xc78, 0x891b0001},
{0xc78, 0x881c0001}, {0xc78, 0x871d0001},
{0xc78, 0x861e0001}, {0xc78, 0x851f0001},
{0xc78, 0x84200001}, {0xc78, 0x83210001},
{0xc78, 0x82220001}, {0xc78, 0x6a230001},
{0xc78, 0x69240001}, {0xc78, 0x68250001},
{0xc78, 0x67260001}, {0xc78, 0x66270001},
{0xc78, 0x65280001}, {0xc78, 0x64290001},
{0xc78, 0x632a0001}, {0xc78, 0x622b0001},
{0xc78, 0x612c0001}, {0xc78, 0x602d0001},
{0xc78, 0x472e0001}, {0xc78, 0x462f0001},
{0xc78, 0x45300001}, {0xc78, 0x44310001},
{0xc78, 0x43320001}, {0xc78, 0x42330001},
{0xc78, 0x41340001}, {0xc78, 0x40350001},
{0xc78, 0x40360001}, {0xc78, 0x40370001},
{0xc78, 0x40380001}, {0xc78, 0x40390001},
{0xc78, 0x403a0001}, {0xc78, 0x403b0001},
{0xc78, 0x403c0001}, {0xc78, 0x403d0001},
{0xc78, 0x403e0001}, {0xc78, 0x403f0001},
{0xc78, 0xfa400001}, {0xc78, 0xf9410001},
{0xc78, 0xf8420001}, {0xc78, 0xf7430001},
{0xc78, 0xf6440001}, {0xc78, 0xf5450001},
{0xc78, 0xf4460001}, {0xc78, 0xf3470001},
{0xc78, 0xf2480001}, {0xc78, 0xf1490001},
{0xc78, 0xf04a0001}, {0xc78, 0xef4b0001},
{0xc78, 0xee4c0001}, {0xc78, 0xed4d0001},
{0xc78, 0xec4e0001}, {0xc78, 0xeb4f0001},
{0xc78, 0xea500001}, {0xc78, 0xe9510001},
{0xc78, 0xe8520001}, {0xc78, 0xe7530001},
{0xc78, 0xe6540001}, {0xc78, 0xe5550001},
{0xc78, 0xe4560001}, {0xc78, 0xe3570001},
{0xc78, 0xe2580001}, {0xc78, 0xe1590001},
{0xc78, 0x8a5a0001}, {0xc78, 0x895b0001},
{0xc78, 0x885c0001}, {0xc78, 0x875d0001},
{0xc78, 0x865e0001}, {0xc78, 0x855f0001},
{0xc78, 0x84600001}, {0xc78, 0x83610001},
{0xc78, 0x82620001}, {0xc78, 0x6a630001},
{0xc78, 0x69640001}, {0xc78, 0x68650001},
{0xc78, 0x67660001}, {0xc78, 0x66670001},
{0xc78, 0x65680001}, {0xc78, 0x64690001},
{0xc78, 0x636a0001}, {0xc78, 0x626b0001},
{0xc78, 0x616c0001}, {0xc78, 0x606d0001},
{0xc78, 0x476e0001}, {0xc78, 0x466f0001},
{0xc78, 0x45700001}, {0xc78, 0x44710001},
{0xc78, 0x43720001}, {0xc78, 0x42730001},
{0xc78, 0x41740001}, {0xc78, 0x40750001},
{0xc78, 0x40760001}, {0xc78, 0x40770001},
{0xc78, 0x40780001}, {0xc78, 0x40790001},
{0xc78, 0x407a0001}, {0xc78, 0x407b0001},
{0xc78, 0x407c0001}, {0xc78, 0x407d0001},
{0xc78, 0x407e0001}, {0xc78, 0x407f0001},
{0xc50, 0x00040222}, {0xc50, 0x00040220},
{0xffff, 0xffffffff}
static struct rtl8xxxu_rfregval rtl8723au_radioa_1t_init_table[] = {
{0x00, 0x00030159}, {0x01, 0x00031284},
{0x02, 0x00098000}, {0x03, 0x00039c63},
......@@ -3446,7 +3584,14 @@ static int rtl8xxxu_init_phy_bb(struct rtl8xxxu_priv *priv)
if (priv->rtl_chip == RTL8723B)
rtl8xxxu_init_phy_regs(priv, rtl8xxx_agc_8723bu_table);
else if (priv->hi_pa)
else if (priv->rtl_chip == RTL8192E) {
if (priv->hi_pa)
} else if (priv->hi_pa)
rtl8xxxu_init_phy_regs(priv, rtl8xxx_agc_highpa_table);
rtl8xxxu_init_phy_regs(priv, rtl8xxx_agc_standard_table);
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