Commit ee3efa91 authored by Al Viro's avatar Al Viro

__d_unalias() should refuse to move mountpoints

Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
parent e77fb7ce
......@@ -2387,14 +2387,13 @@ static struct dentry *__d_unalias(struct inode *inode,
struct dentry *dentry, struct dentry *alias)
struct mutex *m1 = NULL, *m2 = NULL;
struct dentry *ret;
struct dentry *ret = ERR_PTR(-EBUSY);
/* If alias and dentry share a parent, then no extra locks required */
if (alias->d_parent == dentry->d_parent)
goto out_unalias;
/* See lock_rename() */
ret = ERR_PTR(-EBUSY);
if (!mutex_trylock(&dentry->d_sb->s_vfs_rename_mutex))
goto out_err;
m1 = &dentry->d_sb->s_vfs_rename_mutex;
......@@ -2402,8 +2401,10 @@ static struct dentry *__d_unalias(struct inode *inode,
goto out_err;
m2 = &alias->d_parent->d_inode->i_mutex;
__d_move(alias, dentry);
ret = alias;
if (likely(!d_mountpoint(alias))) {
__d_move(alias, dentry);
ret = alias;
if (m2)
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