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    Docs: Step-by-step directions for reporting bugs. · d60418bc
    Sarah Sharp authored
    REPORTING-BUGS is pretty disorganized.  Bug reporters are likely to be
    in a frustrated, stressed frame of mind, so introduce methodical
    step-by-step directions for how to report bugs.  Use titles so people
    can skim it if necessary.
    Slight changes in procedures:
    1. Encourage people to report bugs to maintainers and sub-system mailing
    lists, not LKML at first.  I've seen way too many people get lost in the
    noise because they didn't Cc the maintainer or proper mailing list.
    2. Link to bugzilla.kernel.org, and let people know that some
    maintainers prefer bugs filed there vs. the mailing lists.  (Perhaps we
    need an entry in MAINTAINERS for which is preferred?)
    3. If someone doesn't know where to report a bug, encourage them to both
    file a bugzilla entry and email LKML.  Their report is less likely to
    get lost if there's a bugzilla entry.
    Preserve text about reporting security bugs, and get_maintainer.pl.
    More will be added/modified in upcoming patches.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSarah Sharp <sarah.a.sharp@linux.intel.com>