Commit 00902e98 authored by Yoshinori Sato's avatar Yoshinori Sato

mksysmap: Add h8300 local symbol pattern

h8300's nm output have a lot of local symbols.
00000000 N .Lframe0
00000013 N .LLST1
00000026 N .LLST2
00000039 N .LLST3
0000004c N .LLST4
Added new pattern " .L" to filter rule.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYoshinori Sato <>
parent 4e456b86
......@@ -41,4 +41,4 @@
# so we just ignore them to let readprofile continue to work.
# (At least sparc64 has __crc_ in the middle).
$NM -n $1 | grep -v '\( [aNUw] \)\|\(__crc_\)\|\( \$[adt]\)' > $2
$NM -n $1 | grep -v '\( [aNUw] \)\|\(__crc_\)\|\( \$[adt]\)\|\( .L\)' > $2
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