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Documentation/HOWTO: add cross-references to other documents

Add cross references for the documents mentioned at HOWTO and
are under the Documentation/ directory, using the ReST notation.

It should be noticed that HOWTO also mentions the /README file.
We opted to not touch it, for now, as making it build on
Sphinx would require it to be moved to a Documentation/foo
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Acked-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Corbet <>
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.. _changes:
Minimal requerements to compile the Kernel
.. _codingstyle:
Linux kernel coding style
......@@ -90,19 +90,19 @@ required reading:
what is necessary to do to configure and build the kernel. People
who are new to the kernel should start here.
:ref:`Documentation/Changes <changes>`
This file gives a list of the minimum levels of various software
packages that are necessary to build and run the kernel
:ref:`Documentation/CodingStyle <codingstyle>`
This describes the Linux kernel coding style, and some of the
rationale behind it. All new code is expected to follow the
guidelines in this document. Most maintainers will only accept
patches if these rules are followed, and many people will only
review code if it is in the proper style.
Documentation/SubmittingPatches and Documentation/SubmittingDrivers
:ref:`Documentation/SubmittingPatches <submittingpatches>` and :ref:`Documentation/SubmittingDrivers <submittingdrivers>`
These files describe in explicit detail how to successfully create
and send a patch, including (but not limited to):
......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ required reading:
:ref:`Documentation/stable_api_nonsense.txt <stable_api_nonsense>`
This file describes the rationale behind the conscious decision to
not have a stable API within the kernel, including things like:
......@@ -137,29 +137,29 @@ required reading:
philosophy and is very important for people moving to Linux from
development on other Operating Systems.
:ref:`Documentation/SecurityBugs <securitybugs>`
If you feel you have found a security problem in the Linux kernel,
please follow the steps in this document to help notify the kernel
developers, and help solve the issue.
:ref:`Documentation/ManagementStyle <managementstyle>`
This document describes how Linux kernel maintainers operate and the
shared ethos behind their methodologies. This is important reading
for anyone new to kernel development (or anyone simply curious about
it), as it resolves a lot of common misconceptions and confusion
about the unique behavior of kernel maintainers.
:ref:`Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt <stable_kernel_rules>`
This file describes the rules on how the stable kernel releases
happen, and what to do if you want to get a change into one of these
:ref:`Documentation/kernel-docs.txt <kernel_docs>`
A list of external documentation that pertains to kernel
development. Please consult this list if you do not find what you
are looking for within the in-kernel documentation.
:ref:`Documentation/applying-patches.txt <applying_patches>`
A good introduction describing exactly what a patch is and how to
apply it to the different development branches of the kernel.
.. _managementstyle:
Linux kernel management style
.. _securitybugs:
Security bugs
.. _submittingdrivers:
Submitting Drivers For The Linux Kernel
.. _submittingpatches:
How to Get Your Change Into the Linux Kernel or Care And Operation Of Your Linus Torvalds
.. _applying_patches:
Applying Patches To The Linux Kernel
.. _kernel_docs:
Index of Documentation for People Interested in Writing and/or Understanding the Linux Kernel
.. _stable_api_nonsense:
The Linux Kernel Driver Interface
.. _stable_kernel_rules:
Everything you ever wanted to know about Linux -stable releases
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