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    Merge tag 'pwm/for-4.4-rc1' of... · c8fff3ed
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Merge tag 'pwm/for-4.4-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/thierry.reding/linux-pwm
    Pull pwm updates from Thierry Reding:
     "This round contains a couple of new drivers for the Marvell Berlin
      family of SoCs, various SoCs from Renesas and Broadcom as well as the
      backlight PWM present on MediaTek SoCs.
      Further existing drivers are extended to support a wider range of
      The remaining patches are minor fixes and cleanups across the board.
      Note that one of the patches included in this pull request is against
      arch/unicore32.  I've included it here because I couldn't get a
      response from Guan Xuetao and I consider the change low-risk.
      Equivalent patches have been merged and tested in Samsung and PXA
      trees.  The goal is to finally get rid of legacy code paths that have
      repeatedly been causing headaches"
    * tag 'pwm/for-4.4-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/thierry.reding/linux-pwm: (24 commits)
      pwm: sunxi: Fix whitespace issue
      pwm: sysfs: Make use of the DEVICE_ATTR_[RW][WO] macro's
      pwm: sysfs: Remove unnecessary temporary variable
      unicore32: nb0916: Use PWM lookup table
      pwm: pwm-rcar: Revise the device tree binding document about compatible
      pwm: Return -ENODEV if no PWM lookup match is found
      pwm: sun4i: Add support for PWM controller on sun5i SoCs
      pwm: Set enable state properly on failed call to enable
      pwm: lpss: Add support for runtime PM
      pwm: lpss: Add more Intel Broxton IDs
      pwm: lpss: Support all four PWMs on Intel Broxton
      pwm: lpss: Add support for multiple PWMs
      pwm-pca9685: enable ACPI device found on Galileo Gen2
      pwm: Add MediaTek display PWM driver support
      dt-bindings: pwm: Add MediaTek display PWM bindings
      pwm: tipwmss: Enable on TI DRA7x and AM437x
      pwm: atmel-hlcdc: add sama5d2 SoC support.
      pwm: Add Broadcom BCM7038 PWM controller support
      Documentation: dt: add Broadcom BCM7038 PWM controller binding
      pwm: Add support for R-Car PWM Timer
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