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    ASoC: Updates for v4.8
    Not really any framework work this time around (though we have seen one
    of the Analog Devices drivers move more to the clock API which is good
    to see) but rather a lot of new drivers:
     - Lots of updates for the Intel drivers, mostly board support and bug
       fixing, and to the NAU8825 driver.
     - Work on generalizing bits of simple-card to allow more code sharing
       with the Renesas rsrc-card (which can't use simple-card due to DPCM).
     - Removal of the Odroid X2 driver due to replacement with simple-card.
     - Support for several new Mediatek platforms and associated boards.
     - New drivers for Allwinner A10, Analog Devices ADAU7002, Broadcom
       Cygnus, Cirrus Logic CS35L33 and CS53L30, Maxim MAX8960 and MAX98504,
       Realtek RT5514 and Wolfson WM8758
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