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    lib: share the common setup and bootstrap code · 83b0f189
    Philippe Gerum authored
    Make pure POSIX applications and Copperplate-based ones share the same
    auto-init mechanism. This means that all applications now
    automatically recognize a set of base common options, which is
    --cpu-affinity=<cpuset>, --[no-]sanity, --quiet[=level], --silent and
    Applications which do not want Xenomai to interpose on the main()
    routine transparently for handling these options and bootstrapping the
    service libraries may disable this feature by passing the
    --no-auto-init switch to xeno-config when collecting the linker
    flags. In this configuration, the system must be bootstrapped manually
    by a call to xenomai_init() from the application code though.
    This change is C++ friendly, since it also enables the Xenomai high
    level services (e.g. VxWorks, pSOS) before the static constructors
    run, by default.
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