Commit 982d8c93 authored by hongzha1's avatar hongzha1 Committed by Jan Kiszka

cobalt/rtdm: add explicit declaration of function rtdm_nrtsig_init

fix implicit declaration of function error when compile other cobalt
drivers calling rtdm_nrtsig_init
Signed-off-by: default avatarhongzha1 <>
parent 0b96f187
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......@@ -902,6 +902,9 @@ struct rtdm_nrtsig {
struct irq_work irq_work;
int rtdm_nrtsig_init(rtdm_nrtsig_t *nrt_sig, rtdm_nrtsig_handler_t handler,
void *arg);
void rtdm_schedule_nrt_work(struct work_struct *lostage_work);
/** @} rtdm_nrtsignal */
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