Commit fd535e9b authored by Vitaly Chikunov's avatar Vitaly Chikunov Committed by Jan Kiszka

libs: Add linking dependencies to libcopperplate and libsmokey

ALT rpmbuild QA script detects that libsmokey and libcopperplate is improperly
linked (when built for Mercury core).

Excerpt from the error message:
  verify-elf: ERROR: ./usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: get_mem_size
  verify-elf: ERROR: ./usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: get_mem_size
Signed-off-by: default avatarVitaly Chikunov <>
Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka's avatarJan Kiszka <>
parent 89f00a2e
Pipeline #4673 passed with stage
in 29 minutes and 45 seconds
......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
libcopperplate_la_LDFLAGS = @XENO_LIB_LDFLAGS@ -lpthread -lrt -version-info 0:0:0
libcopperplate_la_LIBADD =
libcopperplate_la_LIBADD = @XENO_CORE_LDADD@
libcopperplate_la_SOURCES = \
libsmokey_la_LDFLAGS = @XENO_LIB_LDFLAGS@ -version-info 0:0:0
libsmokey_la_LIBADD = @XENO_CORE_LDADD@
libsmokey_la_SOURCES = \
helpers.c \
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