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      doc/asciidoc: remove left over · 9633e2dd
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      doc: prebuild · 32baabc2
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      alchemy/timer: drop TSC reading and conversion ops from the API · 331d6947
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      Due to the accumulation of rounding errors, using raw TSC counts for
      measuring long timespans may yield (increasingly) wrong results.
      In short, either we guarantee stable computations with counts of
      nanoseconds, or with TSC instead, regardless of the clock source
      frequency, but we can't provide such guarantee for both. From an API
      standpoint, the nanosecond unit is definitely the best option as the
      meaning won't vary between clock sources.
      Avoiding the overhead of the tsc->ns conversion as a justification to
      use raw TSC counts does not fly anymore, as all architectures
      implement fast arithmetics for this operation over Cobalt, and
      Mercury's (virtual) TSC is actually mapped over CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
      Therefore, all TSC reading and ns<->tsc conversion services are
      removed from the Alchemy API to prevent misleading results. Users
      should measure timespans (or get timestamps) as counts of nanoseconds
      as returned by rt_timer_read() instead.
      The following calls are dropped from the API:
      - rt_timer_tsc()
      - rt_timer_ns2tsc()
      - rt_timer_tsc2ns()
      In addition, rt_timer_inquire() does not return the TSC count anymore.
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      build: add version name · f3d3c7db
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      doc/autotune: clarify some points · f4384791
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