Commit 1a79c31c authored by Philippe Gerum via Xenomai's avatar Philippe Gerum via Xenomai Committed by Jan Kiszka

boilerplate/avl: fix NULL link representation in pshared mode

Detect and store NULL links as zero offsets into the shared AVL
tree. Otherwise, non-constant offsets may be generated for
representing a NULL link, depending on the process-specific start
address of the pshared AVL tree in memory as obtained from a memory
Signed-off-by: Philippe Gerum's avatarPhilippe Gerum <>
Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka's avatarJan Kiszka <>
parent 8f026e90
......@@ -104,26 +104,30 @@ static inline struct shavlh *
shavlh_link(const struct shavl *const avl,
const struct shavlh *const holder, unsigned int dir)
return (void *)avl + holder->link[avl_type2index(dir)].offset;
ptrdiff_t offset = holder->link[avl_type2index(dir)].offset;
return offset ? (void *)avl + offset : NULL;
static inline void
shavlh_set_link(struct shavl *const avl, struct shavlh *lhs,
int dir, struct shavlh *rhs)
lhs->link[avl_type2index(dir)].offset = (void *)rhs - (void *)avl;
ptrdiff_t offset = rhs ? (void *)rhs - (void *)avl : 0;
lhs->link[avl_type2index(dir)].offset = offset;
static inline
struct shavlh *shavl_end(const struct shavl *const avl, int dir)
return (void *)avl + avl->end[avl_type2index(dir)].offset;
ptrdiff_t offset = avl->end[avl_type2index(dir)].offset;
return offset ? (void *)avl + offset : NULL;
static inline void
shavl_set_end(struct shavl *const avl, int dir, struct shavlh *holder)
avl->end[avl_type2index(dir)].offset = (void *)holder - (void *)avl;
ptrdiff_t offset = holder ? (void *)holder - (void *)avl : 0;
avl->end[avl_type2index(dir)].offset = offset;
#define shavl_count(avl) ((avl)->count)
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