Commit 0d08a216 authored by Marek Vasut's avatar Marek Vasut
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mxssb: Rename image processing function

Rename the functions to better match their purpose. This will come
helpful when implementing image verification.
Signed-off-by: Marek Vasut's avatarMarek Vasut <>
parent 99830d57
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ static void sb_encrypt_tag(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx,
EVP_DigestUpdate(md_ctx, &cctx->c_payload, sizeof(*cmd));
static int sb_create_image(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
static int sb_encrypt_image(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
/* Start image-wide crypto. */
......@@ -336,7 +336,7 @@ static int sb_create_image(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
char *output_filename = NULL;
static int sb_assemble_image(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
static int sb_write_image(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
struct sb_boot_image_header *sb_header = &ictx->payload;
struct sb_section_ctx *sctx;
......@@ -1306,7 +1306,7 @@ err_open:
static int sb_parse_image(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
static int sb_build_tree_from_cfg(struct sb_image_ctx *ictx)
int ret;
......@@ -1402,13 +1402,13 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
return -EINVAL;
ret = sb_parse_image(&ctx);
ret = sb_build_tree_from_cfg(&ctx);
if (ret)
goto fail;
ret = sb_create_image(&ctx);
ret = sb_encrypt_image(&ctx);
if (!ret)
ret = sb_assemble_image(&ctx);
ret = sb_write_image(&ctx);
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