Commit 29c4e9ae authored by Marek Vasut's avatar Marek Vasut
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mxssb: Expand the comment for SB header

Certain fields of the SB header are only available since v1.1
of the SB file format, document that.
Signed-off-by: Marek Vasut's avatarMarek Vasut <>
parent 54beba80
......@@ -48,13 +48,13 @@ struct sb_boot_image_header {
uint16_t section_count; /* Amount of section headers. */
uint16_t section_header_size; /* Section header size in 16b blocks. */
uint8_t padding0[2]; /* Padding to align timestamp to uint64_t. */
uint8_t signature2[4]; /* 'sgtl' */
uint8_t signature2[4]; /* 'sgtl' (since v1.1) */
uint64_t timestamp_us; /* Image generation date, in microseconds since 1.1.2000 . */
struct sb_boot_image_version
product_version; /* Product version. */
struct sb_boot_image_version
component_version; /* Component version. */
uint16_t drive_tag; /* Drive tag for the system drive. */
uint16_t drive_tag; /* Drive tag for the system drive. (since v1.1) */
uint8_t padding1[6]; /* Padding. */
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