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More verbose CHANGELOG entry.

parent 5d4ee510
......@@ -3,6 +3,26 @@ Changes for U-Boot 1.1.4:
* Add support for multiple PHYs.
Tested on the following boards:
cmcpu2 (at91rm9200/ether.c)
PPChameleon (ppc4xx/4xx_enet.c)
yukon (mpc8220/fec.c)
uc100 (mpc8xx/fec.c)
tqm834x (mpc834x/tsec.c) with EEPRO100
lite5200 (mpc5xxx/fec.c) with EEPRO100 card (drivers/eepro100.c)
Main changes include:
- miiphy_register routine was added to allow multiple PHYs to be registered
- miiphy_read and miiphy_write are now defined in this file, and
require additional argument (char *devname)
- other miiphy_* routines also require additional device name argument
Calling reset_phy() was moved to be executed *after* eth_initialize().
This is necessary as now some of the implementations of reset_phy()
may need to use miiphy_reset() which is not allowed before eth_initialize()
as eth_initialize registers all required miiphy_* routines.
Tested on IP860 and PHY initializes properly after this change.
* Correct includes for flat tree builder.
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