Commit 3d7891d3 authored by Tom Rini's avatar Tom Rini

Merge branch 'master' of git://

- i2c: i2c_cdns: Fix below warnings with checker tool
parents a00d1575 9d59d6ff
......@@ -308,14 +308,10 @@ static int cdns_i2c_read_data(struct i2c_cdns_bus *i2c_bus, u32 addr, u8 *data,
u8 *cur_data = data;
struct cdns_i2c_regs *regs = i2c_bus->regs;
int curr_recv_count;
u32 curr_recv_count;
int updatetx, hold_quirk;
u32 ret;
/* Check the hardware can handle the requested bytes */
if ((recv_count < 0))
return -EINVAL;
curr_recv_count = recv_count;
/* Check for the message size against the FIFO depth */
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