Commit d2986a9b authored by Andrew F. Davis's avatar Andrew F. Davis Committed by Tom Rini

configs: Rename environment variable fit_loadaddr to addr_fit

This is the first part of a larger effort I would like to propose to
unify and simplify the default set of environment variables.

When many early environment variables were named there were fewer images
being loaded, usually just a kernel. At this time names like 'loadaddr'
would suffice. Now we have more images and many more commands that act on
them, often re-using the same variable for several different uses. The
contents of a variable are also not immediately known causing one to have
to look up a chain of variables to understand what a command is actually
doing. I suggest the following.

To start, all variables containing names should be prefixed with name_
and addresses with addr_. This is like how K2 already does things and
allows for simple universal commands like:

get_fdt_nfs=nfs ${addr_fdt} /boot/${name_fdt}

Which is very clear on what is intended here and would work across all
board that using the this naming convention.

We can do this one variable at a time, start here with addr_fit.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew F. Davis <>
Acked-by: default avatarAndreas Dannenberg <>
parent ee53b595
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
"run run_mon_hs; " \
"run init_${boot}; " \
"run get_fit_${boot}; " \
"bootm ${fit_loadaddr}#${name_fdt}"
"bootm ${addr_fit}#${name_fdt}"
/* NAND Configuration */
......@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@
"boot_fit=0\0" \
"fit_loadaddr=0x90000000\0" \
"addr_fit=0x90000000\0" \
"fit_bootfile=fitImage\0" \
"update_to_fit=setenv loadaddr ${fit_loadaddr}; setenv bootfile ${fit_bootfile}\0" \
"update_to_fit=setenv loadaddr ${addr_fit}; setenv bootfile ${fit_bootfile}\0" \
"loadfit=run args_mmc; bootm ${loadaddr}#${fdtfile};\0" \
......@@ -240,11 +240,11 @@
"get_mon_net=dhcp ${addr_mon} ${tftp_root}/${name_mon}\0" \
"get_mon_nfs=nfs ${addr_mon} ${nfs_root}/boot/${name_mon}\0" \
"get_mon_ubi=ubifsload ${addr_mon} ${bootdir}/${name_mon}\0" \
"get_fit_net=dhcp ${fit_loadaddr} ${tftp_root}" \
"get_fit_net=dhcp ${addr_fit} ${tftp_root}" \
"/${fit_bootfile}\0" \
"get_fit_nfs=nfs ${fit_loadaddr} ${nfs_root}/boot/${fit_bootfile}\0"\
"get_fit_ubi=ubifsload ${fit_loadaddr} ${bootdir}/${fit_bootfile}\0"\
"get_fit_mmc=load mmc ${bootpart} ${fit_loadaddr} " \
"get_fit_nfs=nfs ${addr_fit} ${nfs_root}/boot/${fit_bootfile}\0"\
"get_fit_ubi=ubifsload ${addr_fit} ${bootdir}/${fit_bootfile}\0"\
"get_fit_mmc=load mmc ${bootpart} ${addr_fit} " \
"${bootdir}/${fit_bootfile}\0" \
"get_uboot_net=dhcp ${loadaddr} ${tftp_root}/${name_uboot}\0" \
"get_uboot_nfs=nfs ${loadaddr} ${nfs_root}/boot/${name_uboot}\0" \
......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@
"get_fdt_ramfs=dhcp ${fdtaddr} ${tftp_root}/${name_fdt}\0" \
"get_kern_ramfs=dhcp ${loadaddr} ${tftp_root}/${name_kern}\0" \
"get_mon_ramfs=dhcp ${addr_mon} ${tftp_root}/${name_mon}\0" \
"get_fit_ramfs=dhcp ${fit_loadaddr} ${tftp_root}" \
"get_fit_ramfs=dhcp ${addr_fit} ${tftp_root}" \
"/${fit_bootfile}\0" \
"get_fs_ramfs=dhcp ${rdaddr} ${tftp_root}/${name_fs}\0" \
"get_ubi_net=dhcp ${addr_ubi} ${tftp_root}/${name_ubi}\0" \
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@
"run run_mon_hs; " \
"run init_${boot}; " \
"run get_fit_${boot}; " \
"bootm ${fit_loadaddr}#${name_fdt}"
"bootm ${addr_fit}#${name_fdt}"
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