Commit e05f0079 authored by Aneesh V's avatar Aneesh V Committed by Albert ARIBAUD

arm: minor fixes for cache and mmu handling

1. make sure that page table setup is not done multiple times
2. flush_dcache_all() is more appropriate while disabling cache
   than a range flush on the entire memory(flush_cache())

   Provide a default implementation for flush_dcache_all()
   for backward compatibility and to avoid build issues.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAneesh V <>
parent c2dd0d45
......@@ -92,13 +92,18 @@ static inline void mmu_setup(void)
set_cr(reg | CR_M);
static int mmu_enabled(void)
return get_cr() & CR_M;
/* cache_bit must be either CR_I or CR_C */
static void cache_enable(uint32_t cache_bit)
uint32_t reg;
/* The data cache is not active unless the mmu is enabled too */
if (cache_bit == CR_C)
if ((cache_bit == CR_C) && !mmu_enabled())
reg = get_cr(); /* get control reg. */
......@@ -117,7 +122,7 @@ static void cache_disable(uint32_t cache_bit)
/* if disabling data cache, disable mmu too */
cache_bit |= CR_M;
flush_cache(0, ~0);
reg = get_cr();
......@@ -42,3 +42,14 @@ void __flush_cache(unsigned long start, unsigned long size)
void flush_cache(unsigned long start, unsigned long size)
__attribute__((weak, alias("__flush_cache")));
* Default implementation:
* do a range flush for the entire range
void __flush_dcache_all(void)
flush_cache(0, ~0);
void flush_dcache_all(void)
__attribute__((weak, alias("__flush_dcache_all")));
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