Commit 96070460 authored by Jagan Teki's avatar Jagan Teki Committed by Kever Yang

rockchip: rk3399: Get bl31.elf via BL31

Right now rockchip platform need to copy bl31.elf into u-boot
source directory to make use of building u-boot.itb.

So, add environment variable BL31 like Allwinner SoC so-that the
bl31.elf would available via BL31.

If the builds are not exporting BL31 env, the
explicitly create dummy bl31.elf in u-boot root directory to
satisfy travis builds and it will show the warning on console as

 WARNING: BL31 file bl31.elf NOT found, resulting binary is non-functional
 WARNING: Please read Building section in doc/README.rockchip

Note, that the dummy bl31 files were created during not exporting
BL31 case would be removed via clean target in Makefile.
Signed-off-by: Jagan Teki's avatarJagan Teki <>
parent cca4f576
......@@ -1848,7 +1848,7 @@ clean: $(clean-dirs)
-o -name 'dsdt.aml' -o -name 'dsdt.asl.tmp' -o -name 'dsdt.c' \
-o -name '*.efi' -o -name '*.gcno' -o -name '*.so' \) \
-type f -print | xargs rm -f \
bl31.c bl31.elf bl31_*.bin
# mrproper - Delete all generated files, including .config
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
import os
import sys
import getopt
import logging
# pip install pyelftools
from elftools.elf.elffile import ELFFile
......@@ -89,13 +90,17 @@ def append_conf_section(file, cnt, dtname, segments):
file.write('\t\tconfig_%d {\n' % cnt)
file.write('\t\t\tdescription = "%s";\n' % dtname)
file.write('\t\t\tfirmware = "atf_1";\n')
file.write('\t\t\tloadables = "uboot",')
file.write('\t\t\tloadables = "uboot"')
if segments != 0:
for i in range(1, segments):
file.write('"atf_%d"' % (i))
if i != (segments - 1):
if segments == 0:
file.write('\t\t\tfdt = "fdt_1";\n')
......@@ -171,8 +176,18 @@ def generate_atf_binary(bl31_file_name):
def main():
uboot_elf = "./u-boot"
bl31_elf = "./bl31.elf"
fit_its = sys.stdout
if "BL31" in os.environ:
elif os.path.isfile("./bl31.elf"):
bl31_elf = "./bl31.elf"
os.system("echo 'int main(){}' > bl31.c")
os.system("${CROSS_COMPILE}gcc -c bl31.c -o bl31.elf")
bl31_elf = "./bl31.elf"
logging.basicConfig(format='%(levelname)s:%(message)s', level=logging.DEBUG)
logging.warning(' BL31 file bl31.elf NOT found, resulting binary is non-functional')
logging.warning(' Please read Building section in doc/README.rockchip')
opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "o:u:b:h")
for opt, val in opts:
......@@ -150,8 +150,8 @@ For example:
=> make realclean
=> make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- PLAT=rk3399
(copy bl31.elf into U-Boot root dir)
=> cp build/rk3399/release/bl31/bl31.elf /path/to/u-boot
(export bl31.elf)
=> export BL31=/path/to/arm-trusted-firmware/build/rk3399/release/bl31/bl31.elf
- Compile PMU M0 firmware
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