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    ALSA: Get rid of card power_lock · 7d8e8292
    Takashi Iwai authored
    Currently we're taking power_lock at each card component for assuring
    the power-up sequence, but it doesn't help anything in the
    implementation at the moment: it just serializes unnecessarily the
    callers, but it doesn't protect about the power state change itself.
    It used to have some usefulness in the early days where we managed the
    PM manually.  But now the suspend/resume core procedure is beyond our
    hands, and power_lock lost its meaning.
    This patch drops the power_lock from allover the places.
    There shouldn't be any issues by this change, as it's no helper
    regarding the power state change.  Rather we'll get better performance
    by removing the serialization; which is the only slight concern of any
    behavior change, but it can't be a showstopper, after all.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <tiwai@suse.de>
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